Tutoring: The Write Choice


As a tutor, Alice makes writing engaging and fun. She uses a combination of story writing, creative
exercises, and essay writing (such as persuasive and descriptive essays) to help students build their
writing skills.


Build writing and editing skills needed for success in school, testing, and creative writing

Make writing well-constructed, clear, descriptive, and strong

Increase students’ motivation to write well


              Has developed a unique and effective method of teaching structured essay writing, which includes:

Developing ideas and examples using logical thinking

      Focus on paragraph organization and structure using yolk and shell method

Sentence structure and fluency

Conventions, proofreading, revision

Alice also offers tutoring in story writing, vocabulary building using root words, ACT/ SAT essay writing

Using the six traits of writing as a basis for instruction, she covers content, organization, voice, word
choice, sentence fluency, and conventions as she works with students.


Sessions and Fees

(Students in 2nd grade through high school, sessions tailored to meet each student’s needs)

$60/hour - Individual sessions

$55 each/hour - Two student sessions

$50 each/hour – Three student sessions