As a tutor, Alice makes writing engaging and fun. She uses a combination of story writing, creative
exercises, and essay writing (such as persuasive and descriptive essays) to help students build their
writing skills.

Using the six traits of writing as a basis for instruction, she covers content, organization, voice, word
choice, sentence fluency, and conventions as she works with students. Alice tutors students at all levels,
working with them to make their writing clear, descriptive, and strong. Sessions are tailored to meet
each student’s needs.


Building writing and editing skills needed for success in school, testing, and creative writing

Building appreciation of the benefits of clear, well-constructed writing and increasing students’
motivation to write well

Alice works with parents and students to create individual teaching curriculums based on their student’s
needs and goals.

Sessions and Fees

$45/hour – Individual sessions

$40/hour – Two student sessions

$35/hour – Small group sessions (3-5 students)